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villa K2  in Minimalissimo


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villa K340  in Dezeen
Francois Verhoeven Architects uses contrasting finishes for Villa K340

Dezeen comment:
“ So hard to do this type of design well. Powerful execution showing great mastery of the details involved. Well done ! “

Groene Mient

Groene Mient laat zien hoe duurzaam wonen mogelijk is.”

Restless Living Magazine

Featured in Restless Living

The organic natural garden with a pond enhances the overall aesthetic and complements”, François concludes. In sum, Villa K340 embraces the modern lifestyle where the unnecessary is omitted and the clean expression establishes peace of mind.


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Dear Francois Verhoeven Architects,
We are thrilled to offer our warmest congratulations on your recent nomination for the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards. 
This is a testament to your exceptional talent and commitment to the field of architecture. Once again, congratulations on your nomination and we wish you the best of luck with the award.

Best regards,
The ArchDaily Team